A new law blog has been launched in Vietnam
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March 14, 2015

A new law blog called Vietnam Law Insight has been launched this month by LNT & Partners, a Vietnam-based law firm with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Hong Kong and San Francisco.

As the firms’ LinkedIn page outlines, “the firm is among Vietnam’s most prominent, representing a wide range of multinational and domestic clients, including Fortune Global 500 companies as well as well-known Vietnamese listed companies on a variety of business and investment matters.”

At a time when foreign direct investment in Vietnam is booming and law firm clients are increasingly turning to the internet for news and information, LNT & Partners’ launch of Vietnam Law Insight blog could not have been more timely.

A blog dedicated to “law in motion”

As Dr. Net Le, a partner in the firm told me about the new blog: “LNT & Partners are very happy to launch Vietnam Law Insight, a law blog that is dedicated to law in motion, with real case studies and practical views on Vietnam.  Not many countries can enjoy a strategic location, a young population and sizeable market like Vietnam does. But foreign investors often see a paradox that how Vietnam’s achievement is still far from its potential. They found that there are gaps between law in the book and law in action.  The blog is an attempt to fill these gaps. It needs your contribution, and it serves your business.”

A “gateway to Vietnam’s legal environment”

Ms. DANG Phuong Trang,  Business Development Executive with the firm outlined that:  “Vietnam Law Insight blog is a gateway to Vietnam’s legal environment. This blog will give you comprehensive legal and business updates. We hope it will become a platform for lawyers, in-house counsels – and everyone – to discuss and share their knowledge on legal issues.”

For more information: Vietnam Law Insight is located at: VietnamLawInsight.com

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